Who needs us

Anyone recently discharged from hospital, a new mother and baby, or anyone unwell at home in Bangalore may need us!

Consider us as a hand extended to hold the hands of all who need us. Our existence has evolved out of exigencies you faced at critical times in your life.

You need us if you are:

  • A newborn baby!
  • A new mother anxious about handling your baby, or have problems regarding post-partum blues, feeding, bathing and massaging the baby.
  • A proud parent of successful children who live away from you. They have achieved success and care about you. You may need nursing care at home because you recently had surgery or are otherwise unwell.
  • A senior with little or no family support close to you, and you recently had surgery or are otherwise unwell.
  • A younger couple concerned about your parents in need of nursing care at home, but cannot take care of them because of compulsions of your job.
  • A diabetic with foot infection requiring careful woundcare, and are unable to visit hospitals because there is nobody to escort you, or you are in pain, or you find it inconvenient to travel.

There are many other situations where you may need us.
There is only one constant factor.
You can count on us for skilled nursing care visiting your home in Bangalore.