Plus At Home has very happy customers!

Here is what they say about us!

New Mother & Baby Care Program

“My baby was not feeding properly. Used to be hungry and crying a lot. You taught me about breast feeding. My baby cries less now and sleeps better. I get more time to rest. You created awareness about Post Partum blues. This saved me from going into severe depression. Thank you very much!” - Anxious Mother

“I was reluctant to sign-up for the program, initially. As soon as the 1st visit by your nurse happened I realized how valuable this program is. My wife had lots of questions that you answered very well. God Bless your staff!” - Happy Father

Post Surgery Care Program

“We never felt like we had a Cardiac patient at home since the day your nurse started visiting our home” - Cardiac Patient’s daughter-in-law

“This service is excellent. My mother is happy and she is doing well. I would like to extend this program for one more week.” - General Surgery Patient’s son

Wound Care Program

“I am very happy about the program. I am staying in 1st floor, it was very difficult to go for dressing in any clinic or nursing home nearby. What your company is doing is very helpful and we are very happy about it.” - Trauma Wound Patient

“I am suffering from this wound since 18 months, only now I am feeling that the wound has started healing after you started dressing it at home.” - Diabetic Foot Patient